Small Munsterlander Club of N. A.


The Small Munsterlander Club of North America

The SMCNA is the top promoter of the health and welfare of the breed here in North America. The breed standards and health studies being promoted by SMCNA have a goal of keeping the breed true to its origins, and to provide new puppy owners with nothing but the healthiest and happiest puppies and long term buddies, both at home and in the field.

Click on the link above to go to the SMCNA website. There you will find a wealth of information and history on this interesting breed!

N A Versatile Hunting Dog Ass.



The NAVHDA testing system is the accepted system for SMCNA dogs. I myself have never been a trialer, just a hunter, but after participating in the natural ability test at the Appalachian Valley NAVHDA chapter I see full well the value of the testing. The test is not really a field trial, dogs are not competing against each other, they are just being judged by a standard. Even if you do not plan on breeding your Small Munsterlander, the test is an enjoyable and educational event and I would encourage you to get in with a chapter and take part.