A Litter Pups, Watch Them Grow


Trapper's Run Albert

The pups started going to their new homes on 6/23. Albert is staying here and is going to remain part of our family. Formerly male #1, Albert is a roan pup with just enough attitude. He was named after Carol's father, pictured at left with his coon dog Dixie. I never met Albert "Bink" Ripley, but he was an all around outdoorsman back in the day when being successful in the field determined whether you had meat on the table or not. Early indications are Albert will live up the the reputation!

Trapper's Run Augustus

Formerly male #2, Augustus made the trip to Wellsburg, WV. with his new family the Wests. Augustus is another roan male that will be very long haired, surely to be an eye catching dog with a mellow attitude.

Trapper's Run Artemis

Formerly female #1, Artemis made the trip home to Kalamazoo, Mi. with her new family the Zapf's. When I scratched my head about the name, I learned that Artemis is the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt. She is a solid built mostly brown pup with a sweet but slightly ornery attitude, I'm sure she will be a special family member in short order.

Trapper's Run Adele

Formerly female #2, Adele is the smallest pup from the litter with the cute attitude that matches her markings. She will be going home shortly to her new family, the Hoffman's, in Castle Shannon, Pa. Adele matched the smaller size the Hoffman's were looking for, add the cute factor to it and she became the #1 pick.

6/27 Adele, Greta (let me know if I didn't spell that right) headed home today, it's getting too quiet around here now!

Trapper's Run Annabelle Darcy

Formerly female #3, Darcy boarded a big plane for a trip home to Seattle Wa. and her new family the Shubert's. I was nervous about this one because of the airline rules, but it worked out great. Darcy rode in the seat for the trip home and made a lot of friends during the flight! A solid built pup Darcy has a bright future as a Shubert family member and a top notch duck dog.

Trapper's Run Ajax

Formerly female #4, Ajax will be heading home in a few days with her new family, the Pape's, of West Middlesex, Pa. The Pape's will pick Ajax up on their way home from their son's commissioning at Fort Knox, Ky. thank you young man! Ajax is a very pleasant pup that is well built and will make a great family member as well as a great field dog.


Pups started going home yesterday. I will admit it was tough seeing them go. We have spent a lot of time with these little guys the last eight weeks and I'm ready for a break, but it was still tough. What makes it easier is knowing that they are going to fantastic homes and families that are excited to add them to their family.

Here is a short clip of the three that are still here today. Albert, the roan male, Adele, the darker little female with white stripe, and Ajax, the mostly white female.