Trapper's Run B Litter

We have decided to delay this litter until the next heat cycle. Even if Lilly would go ahead and come into heat in the next two weeks, the month of September is just very hectic for us, and that is a time that the pups would need a lot of attention which we would not be able to give.  

I will update the timing when she does come into heat, but her next cycle should be about the first of the year, meaning spring go home puppies instead of fall. We did have a pretty full slate for puppies, and those people will get first choice of staying on the list, but I’m sure a few won’t, so, if you are interested in a spring pup feel free to contact me.

Coming Litter


Stay Tuned

Lilly thinks she needs to be on my lap, makes it tough to build a website, check back later!

Trapper's Run "A" Litter

Since this will be our kennels first Small Munsterlander litter, and we will be following the alphabetical format for registration, this will be our "A" litter. What this means is the pups registered names will be Trapper's Run, followed by a name that begins with A. Such as a female pup could be registered as Trapper's Run Annie, and a male could be something like Trapper's Run Adolph. This by no means forces you to use the registered name as the call name. As you can see Lilly's registered name is Tru Point Fanny, she was from an "F" litter, but I had no F name I really wanted to use as a call name.     This litter is a breeding between Tru Point Fanny (Lilly), and Hunting Hills Blood Ty. Puppies are due roughly the last day of April, 2017. I feel quite confident that puppies are in the works and have started a list of interested future Small Munsterlander owners. Preference will be given to hunting family’s first, with outdoor active family’s next.

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Puppies will be sold with a health guarantee, will have dew claws removed and veterinarian checked at the proper time, micro-chipped, vaccinated by a veterinarian as age appropriate, and first year of membership paid to the Small Munsterlander Club of North America. (SMCNA)

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Update 4/28/17 9 PM


Pups are arriving!

First one came at 7 PM, big male! As of now #5 just joined us, we are now at 3 females and 2 males! Picture is #1

Update 5/12/17

All the pups have opened their eyes over the last few days, getting big and starting to get up and do a wobbly walk.

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Chow Time One Week Old

Update 5/15/17

All of a sudden the pups are getting their legs under them and are starting to play!

Update 5/19/17

Pups are 3 weeks old today and starting to spend a little time outside, still growing like weeds! All still chubby and healthy, but Lilly seems to be getting a little tired of nursing.

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Spent a lot of time outside today, between the rains!


Little bit of play time tonight

A Litter @ 5 Weeks

No still pictures tonight, we are working on finishing the outside of the building so we can clean up the dirt pile and replace the temporary fence with permanant. As you'll see they are getting pretty frisky!

A Litter @ 6 Weeks minus 1 day

No still pictures again, still is no longer in their nature except when asleep!


Pups are 7 weeks old today and they are becomeing a handful, fun, but a handful! We had a heavy rain this evening so they are six little mudballs. Then we took our romp around the property and they all decided to explore the high grasses and fence row, which turned them into burr filled little mud balls, which didn't seem to phase them one bit!

They are all crate trained now, but too big for the crate, so tonight we are going to try and split them between two crates. Time to go bring the little boogers in and see how it goes......

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6/17/17 Seven Weeks Old

Splitting between two crates last night was a big help! This will be the last report since the pups will start going home next week. It's been fun, although a lot of work the last couple months. It will be tough to see the little guys go, but at the same time a little bit of relief!

Knowing they are all going to great families makes me feel good. I'll take this down and hopefully start again with family reports as the pups grow. Thank you all who have contact us. Keith

Lilly and Ty Details

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