Trapper's Runs 4 Pawed Family


Tru Point Fanny, Call Name Lilly

Being new to Small Munsterlanders after almost three decades of Brittany's, Lilly is our foundation dog of what we hope is many years of Small Munsterlanders to come. At home in the water.


At home in the woods, no matter what time of year.


And a big one, at home in the home! This is the, "it's time for bed" flop and pretend to be asleep, she's not a very good actor.


A friend calls, "Hey, I flushed a woodcock when I was checking traps". A quick hunt produced a bonus rooster too. A dog that hunts close in the thick stuff, but will range out in the fields between coverts, good combination.


Feel like a little hunt for some hair or fur? No problem for a versatile dog like a Small Munsterlander.

Trapper's Run Albert

Albert is a male from our A litter that we decided to keep. He seemed a little lost when his last litter mate went home, but as you can see, he recovered pretty quick! He is a roan dog and should have a lot of color when he gets his adult coat. He shows a lot of potential, and I think we'll enjoy a lot of good family time and field time both with these two dogs for years to come!

Albert's First Time Out

First time we managed to get out since the pups were born, Lilly was going stir crazy, and it was time to teach Albert to venture out. As he starts building confidence, and the weather cools down, we'll start running him solo and working on birds. For now it's just exercise and play.

Albert's First Solo Run

This was the first time Albert went out without Lilly to lead him. He started out a little slow but then really started ranging and hunting well. Looking for good things to come!


It has been a tough year for upland hunting and training Albert. Early on when we were planting birds he was not ready yet. When he was ready late in woodcock season and early still in pheasant, we just had no luck getting into birds, and then the weather turned bad so it put training on hold. He did get in on one rooster the day before Christmas, and he got to work some planted chucker right before season went out mid January. The light was starting to come on, but he is still a puppy! 

2018 Season

Got a new camera so we will have  video now

Upland Season

 Clips from the second day of the season

Thanksgiving Day hunt. We were looking for a new woodcock spot; all we bagged was a raccoon. There is a video clip of the end of the fight, so if it may bother you, you might not want to watch. See Blog article that goes with the video!